Liquid Cleaners
The liquid cleaners are the cleaning products in diluted form. These cleaners are used for cleaning various rigid surfaces of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and washrooms. They are simple and easy to use with a damp cloth. 
Naphthalene Balls
Naphthalene balls are common moth repellants that are effective in safeguarding garments against fiber-feeding insects. Long-lasting recognizable smell, nontoxic content and standard shelf life are the key features of this product range.
ZRAK  Pocket Air Freshener
ZRAK Pocket Air Fresheners are effective in keeping any space smelling fresh and clean. Available in fruity and floral fragrance choices, this product range is popular for its ease of handling and long-lasting aroma. Ease of handling and long lasting smell are the key features of this product range.
Glito Magiflush Tabs
Glito Magiflush Tabs are wonderful options to maintain cleanliness of toilet cistern with each time of flushing. This range of cistern cleaning tablets promotes the concept of non-invasive toilet cleaning technique to maintain bathroom hygiene. This product range is cost effective.
Winall Air Freshener Tablets
Winall Air Freshener Tablets are nice options to refresh indoor air for providing a sense of cleanliness.  Mild smell of this range of air freshener tablets also possesses mood uplifting property. Available in different floral fragrance choices, these air freshener tablets have 2 years of storage life.
Glito 3 in 1 Cleaner
Glito 3 in 1 Cleaners combine, floor cleaning, surface cleaning, and dishwashing solutions in a single formulation. The satisfactory cleaning result of this product range is one of the prime reasons behind its increased demand in the market. This non toxic grade product range is cost effective.
Glito Floor Cleaner
Glito floor cleaners are accessible in citronella, rose, jasmine, and lavender fragrance choices. Non toxic formulation of this range of floor cleaners is compatible with different floor surfaces. Refreshing smell, long-lasting aroma, powerful anti-bacterial property, and standard packaging volume are the key features of this product range.
Glito Toilet Cleaner
Glito Toilet Cleaners are reliable options to maintain hygiene of toilet. Powerful formulation of these toilet cleaners efficiently removes stubborn stain marks from sanitary ware to leave it visibly clean. Instant cleaning result, minimal dosage and compatibility with different surfaces are the key features of this product range.
Glito Glass Cleaner
Glito Glass Cleaners are reliable options to maintain cleanliness of mirror and any glass surface. This range of glass cleaners is also suitable for effective cleaning of home appliances like refrigerator and microwave. Non toxic content and reasonable price are the key features of this product range.
Winall Premium Sanicubes
Winall premium sanicubes keep bathroom smelling fresh for long period by handling odor. Strong anti bacterial content of sanicubes kills all sorts of germs to improve air quality of moist spaces. Offered sanicubes are simple to handle and  these have standard shelf life.
Glito Liquid Dishwash
Available in orange and lime fragrance based options, Glito Liquid Dishwash gels are effective in removal of oil, stain and dirt from the surfaces of utensils and cookware. This range of dishwash gel is suitable for metal, polymer and ceramic utensils.
Drenfix Drain Cleaner
We are offering a quality range of Drenfix Drain Cleaner. Fabricated at par with international standards using the best quality components under the guidance of skilled professionals, these parts are highly demanded in the market. The offered range of Drenfix Drain Cleaner is widely appreciated around the market for its rigid construction, easy installation, corrosion resistance and reliability. We offer this product in different specifications to fulfill the wide needs of the clients.

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