Making your home and workplaces hygienic and refreshing with a range of products such as Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Air Freshener, Dish Wash and Naphthalene Balls!

An Introduction

Since Milind Ankolekar's initial inspiration, Atlas Commodities Pvt. Ltd. has gone a long way. His first goal was to use his ten years of pharmaceutical industry knowledge to build a business that would alter how people saw a cleaning product. What was once the vision of the three brothers is now India's standard for sanitation and cleanliness.

Making a big impression in distribution and marketing was the first goal. With the assistance of the two brothers, Hemant and Harshad, who joined him on this expedition, there was no turning back, thanks to their sharp wits. These three guys never skimp on quality standards and constantly go above and above to provide exceptional outcomes. Every step of the process used their prior experience in pharmaceutical sales.

Their collaborative thinking produced a cost-effective platform and gave direct marketing firms the exact answers they needed. Their marketing business was rapidly expanding, and the outcomes exceeded expectations.

Harshad, Milind, and Hemant realised they were prepared to go on. In 2006, they decided to begin producing their line of products. A comprehensive grasp of the products for which ACPL is now renowned resulted from Milind and Harshad's combined ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and another fifteen years of marketing expertise at their marketing subsidiary ATLAS Marketing Services.

The brothers' initial action was to concentrate on obtaining the most significant raw materials solely from the best producers. Additionally, they developed a strict quality control system that only uses the finest raw materials available.

Along with producing high-quality products, it was crucial to provide them at affordable costs. The whole ACPL team is very customer-focused in this aspect. It works carefully in every area to be the most incredible option daily, weekly, monthly, and annual for its devoted clients.

ACPL is the one-stop shop for all cleaning requirements after sixteen years of effectively meeting the demands of the domestic market in India and exporting the highest-quality products outside. Customers opt for ACPL brands in supermarkets around the nation when they need products like naphthalene balls, drain cleaners, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, flush tabs, toilet cleansers, dishwashing liquid, air fresheners, and sanitary cubes. Additionally, big FMCG firms readily place their confidence in ACPL when they want items made under their private label.

Customers need to look no further if they want the benefits of 30 years of wise work and experience on their side whenever they clean their places and take care of their loved ones. There is always a guarantee of satisfaction, safety, and efficacy. The ACPL brands are available in every supermarket and on the internet.

Our Team

The success of Atlas Commodities Private Limited in the industry is the result of the hard work of our manpower. We are backed by a grand team of 100 employees who work together to bring forth premium quality housekeeping and sanitation product range for our clients. Owing to their expertise and dedication, we have been able to provide a wide range of products to our esteemed customers. Our team members are highly specialized in their specific domain and help us to serve our customers better in accordance to their requirements. Moreover, we setup frequent training sessions and workshops for all our team members in order to acquaint them with the latest market trends and standards. Our professionals work in a well-coordinated manner to fulfill the objectives of the company without wasting any kind of resources.

Why Us?

Our aim is to help our clients lead a hygienic and healthy lifestyle by becoming a one stop solution to all types of cleaning solutions. We are a client focused organization, giving highest priority to taking their specific needs and requirements into account. This is why we are able to offer them the most appropriate products and this result in attainment of highest levels of customer satisfaction. Further, we have a good position in the market and a wide network of distributors who help us in supplying the products within the committed time frame. The strict and efficient quality checks we conduct, ensure that all the products offered by us are in compliance with the international quality standard. This has made us a reliable exporter in foreign markets and helped us a gather huge client base across different markets.


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